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NEXTY Awards: Here’s What You Need to Know

March 13, 2017

This weekend, 21 products will leave Natural Products Expo West with NEXTY Awards. The bi-annual expo highlights innovation and creativity within the natural products industry by recognizing standout products and brands. From a pool of 720 product nominations, New Hope Network editors and industry judges have chosen 72 finalists. One winner will be selected for each of the 21 product categories, as well as the coveted Editor’s Choice award. We have our eye on a few key brands that we admire.

Product: Farmhouse Culture Fermented Vegetables Category: Best New Organic Food

With flavors like Curry Cauliflower and Orange Ginger Carrots, these vegetables make it easy to follow the fermented food trend. The tangy, sweet and spicy morsels promote gut health using probiotics. All four variations of the product are plant based, vegan and submerged in brine to ferment properly. The bag lets the veggies do the talking, featuring heaping bowlfuls of fresh, organic vegetables and spices.

Product: New Barn Organic Almondmilk Original Category: Best New Organic Beverage

With only a few ingredients in each bottle, New Barn uses its website instead of its packaging to explain ingredient lists, leaving plenty of white space on the bottle. The minimalist take allows the design to focus on a farm-fresh aesthetic. With only two flavors, original and vanilla in sweetened and unsweetened options, the entire product line keeps clutter to a minimum and allows consumers to think only about the milk.

Product: Eat Your Coffee Bar Category: Best New Snack

Northeastern University students have made it possible to carry coffee with you wherever, whenever. There is no synthetic caffeine in these bars, just organic, vegan, gluten free ingredients that infuse every bar with a full cup of real coffee. Flavors like Mocha Latte, Coconut Mocha and Caramel Macchiato are produced with natural ingredients like dates, chia, almonds, dark chocolate and oats. The package provides all of the vibes of an upscale coffee shop and clearly communicates the full cup of coffee waiting inside, so caffeine junkies won’t miss out on any of their usual coffeehouse experience.

Product: Miss Jones Baking Co. Organic Frostings Category: Best New Sweet or Dessert

This plant-based frosting keeps it simple, using pastel tones and clean imagery on pack to communicate its viability as a baking tool, but leaving the heavy lifting to an understated banner that runs around the bottom of the can, bearing descriptors like ‘organic,’ ‘gluten free,’ and ‘no hydrogenated oils or trans fats.’ In addition to being vegan, nut free and soy free, each can of frosting is produced using sustainable farming methods and topped with confetti sprinkles made from ingredients like beetroot and spirulina.

Product: 1908 Brands Boulder Clean Natural Dishwasher Detergent Power Packs Category: Best New Natural Living Product

Boulder Clean’s nontoxic, natural cleaning agent is good for your home and the planet. Backed by plant-based technology, these little guys pack a punch without the help of phosphates, bleach or chlorine. Boulder Clean’s green branding is represented on pack and even in the packaging choice, as the bag is 100 percent recyclable and explains how consumers can help keep waste from ending up in landfills. The power packs represent the kind of witty innovation consumers are looking for as conversations on the environment continue to evolve.

Product: Open Farm Pet Food Category: Best New Transparently Sourced Product

Open Farm consumers can use the lot number on their food bags to look up where each ingredient was sourced, as well as the lab results of the individual bag. The food is made with ingredients like wild-caught fish and locally grown, non-GMO produce. All of its meat comes from farms that avoid antibiotics, competitive eating environments and diets with animal byproducts. By allowing consumers to see exactly where the food comes from, Open Farm communicates its focus on animal welfare on pack and lives up to its name.

Product: Salty Girl Seafood Salmon Bites for Kids Category: Best New Mission-Based Product

These snacks seek to bring the work of small-scale fishermen to your kitchen. Salty Girl wants to revolutionize the seafood industry by supporting sustainable fishing practices and empowering fishermen who provide traceable seafood. The package puts the unbreaded nuggets on display with a prominent window, leaving plenty of clean space left for product claims.