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Big Flavor In A Little Bite

Sargento Foods engaged DRC to leverage our core discipline, packaging, for a new brand offering. Sargento introduced a delicious new way to snack with Snack Bites™ cheese snacks, the company's latest product for consumers looking to add bold flavor to their snacking routine. These small sticks of natural cheese pack big flavor into little bites with fewer than 20 calories per stick.

Giving people more snacking choices with small sticks of cheese in four bold flavors required DRC to leverage a key insight: "We know people are looking for bold new snacks, with consumers open to trying new flavors," said Chris McCarthy, Director of Marketing for the Sargento Foods Consumer Products Division. "Sargento is delivering flavor intensity to snackers with the same high quality natural cheese they expect from Sargento." DRC’s solution ensures Snack Bites™ cheese snacks emphasize the new bold, delicious flavors via big flavor imagery.

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